Welcome to Tender Fresh Ice Creams. The Origins of Ice cream can be traced back to at least the 4th century B.C. The Roman emporor Nero (A.D. 37-68) who ordered ice to be brought from the mountains and combined with fruit toppings and King Tang of Shang, China had a method of creating ice and milk concoctions. Ice cream was likely brought from China back to Europe. Over time, recipes for ice creams, sherbets, and milk ices evolved and served in the fashionable Italian and French royal courts. In India ice cream traditionally meant kulfi and it was the food meant for the rich and was served as dessert after lunch or dinner.

Get in to see the latest avatar of ice creams. Tender Fresh Ice Creams. Tender Fresh Ice Creams was formed by three young, energetic and ambitious persons.

Mr. Jagdish Kamath has the expertise of over 30 years in preparing handmade natural Ice-creams. His experience is unparalled in the Ice-cream Industry.

Mr. Prabhakar M. Shetty who is a hotel management professional having put in a decade of service in leading multinational hotels in and around India. He also heads independent hospitality outlets which has earned him special fame.

Mr. V. K. Shetty is the entrprising power behind Tender Fresh Ice Creams. He is running several hotels in Maharashtra and knows what to expect from the customers.

The Ice creams served at Tender Fresh are the result of choicest selection of fruits, dry fruits and limited use of sugar. Most of the sweetness you will taste in our ice creams comes from the natural sweetness of the fruits. We make use of low fat milk and don't use preservatives at all. Our strawberries are handpicked from the best farms of Mahabaleshwar, tender coconuts come from Mangalore and dry-fruits come from the Gulf.