I love this ice cream center and frequent it whenever possible. The taste of the ice creams here is simply amazing. A few flavors that I would personally recommend include Tender Coconut, Pina Colada, and Roasted Almond.

Sanjay Shetty Mumbai

Nice ice cream flavors tried #blackcurrent and #musk melon the ambience is good quantity of scoop is quite good. Good music and service also..

Rupesh Misra

Tender fresh from the name you will come to know that they serve naturally processed ice cream😄 One of the best or rather i would say signature ice cream of this place is peru flavour with masala on top of it ; it is the best thing you would have have it if you do like peru as an fruit. Must try ice cream out here.

Payal Vedant

Other flavours i tried earlier like mango and sitaphal but they were not that great in comparison to peru Ice cream are quite pocket friendly not too pricy

Mayank Choudry

Had been to this place for having choco-chip ice-cream. There were a lot various of ice-cream to choose. Which of difficult so I choose choco-chip. Which was too good and which helped me to chill out during this hot summer.

Good place for having ice-cream during summer times. Not only summer but also all 12 months.

Prashant Thakur.

I have tried all the 35 flavors from this brand..The taste is good, fresh and can compete with any brands at offer ...Black grapes, jackfruit, strawberry, mix dryfruits are something you can try here….its Supper…!!!

Govind – Patekar.